The Fun Shots

I had such a lovely fun photo shoot with Hilliary Brown @wavesandwildflowersphotography! Hilliary is such a phenomenally sweet light hearted woman and I had such a lovely time with her. I was at ease the whole time and was completely in my flow. She is a highly experienced photographer. I highly recommend her for all of your photography needs

This was my very first professional photo shoot and I had one of my close friends Jess Burt joining me, ( thank you Jess! <3 ) and of course my kitties as well! These are the random fun shots I love so very much!

This is also my very first blog to my website, my website that has been a work in progress for about 3 years now? lol. I’ve decided that it will always be a work in progress and I better start the writing I’ve always wanted to share or it won’t ever get shared!

So here we are, welcome to my website 🙂 Please come and visit and follow my blog. I am going to share about the work that I do. The tools that have really helped me in this life. I will also share experiences and thoughts that I think may help you guys as this is why I have this website in the first place. We all need the support on this journey.

I am excited to announce that during this year I will be a certified RTT hypnotherapist and I am so excited to be offering this modality when I am all certified. It is an absolutely phenomenal method and has done wonders for me already!

I am looking forward to writing more and sharing with you all!




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