As I am organizing myself to move down to the Island, I realized that I LOVE purging. I LOVE getting rid of things! I moved a few times in the past and each time I’ve realized that it is a huge cleansing. On the physical level but also on an emotional and spiritual level as well. This time though, I am really letting go of things, things that in previous moves I wouldn’t and couldn’t let go of.

“Does this item add value to my life?” (A question asked in the Minimalism documentaries on Netflix)

My siblings and I grew up with parents that lived during the war years and years after. There was a use for everything. Over time we could see that mum was collecting things, things that had no use or value anymore, that we could see anyway; but because she grew up in a time where you may not know where your next meal came from, or where anything came from, I imagine all of the things had value to them from my mum’s perspective.

Because of the circumstances and the era, my parents came from a place of lack. My mum turned into a lesser extremes of a hoarder when her 5 kids began leaving the house into the world. Rooms that became empty got filled with stuff. ” Oh we could use this someday”. 20 years later, it was still there not being used. As her kids, we saw very clearly what was happening but my mum could not see and had a really hard time letting go or having her things moved around. That would cause her massive anxiety. Her attachments to things was so strong. It seemed that each thing, she had some level of feeling attached and it was very challenging for her to let go. There is beauty in attachments and some are healthy, but what I saw growing up didn’t look or feel healthy. Material things DID mean a lot to my mum. More than the deep connection to herself. I know my mum tried and tried to figure this out but somehow was unable to develop a deep connection with herself and also her family. My mum though, had a deep connection to earth and how to take care of earth, it showed through her endless research on recycling and reusing, drilling into us how important it is. It showed through her forward thinking of what this earth needed to heal itself. What humans could do to support earth. She understood that we needed to take care of earth or we wouldn’t have one left for future generations. She understood that experiences were more important than things. I believe mum was a minimalist at heart but her upbringing through war times created a different dynamic within her heart space. A confusing one for her at times I think.

Because of these experiences growing up, I feel that my ability to purge and let go of things is easier because I can see and feel it to be healthier for the soul and heart space. When we hang on to things or people (in unhealthy ways) , we don’t allow ourselves to be free or the others to be free as well. And my thoughts around humans, is that we have this huge urge to be free within ourselves. When I begin to ask the questions ” Does this bring value to me” or ” is this item meaningful to me ” or ” does this serve a purpose in my life” ; I really begin to ask myself. What DO I value?

I value deep connection. To myself, to all sentient beings, the Earth and to the Cosmos.

As I move south, I am packing with my values in mind. I am getting rid of so many things and it truly is an amazing freeing feeling for my heart, mind, body and spirit. Not without moving through all the feelings and processing, mind you lol.

As I root down and find my place on the island, I will allow my values to guide me. My mum is seeping through me in unexpected healthy ways 🙂 Experiences are more important than things and we must look after the earth. In my own unique way, through her, I am doing this.

My memories and experiences are in my heart not in things.

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