What is your Inner Child?

Your inner child is that subconscious part of you. It is also connected to your higher self. As we come into this world as free magikal little beings, we are clear, we are free, we are unconditional love. As soon as our soul sweeps into our mother’s womb we begin to experience a human existence. Remember too, we have chosen whom we come into. As babies our mother’s womb experience everything our mother is going through. Some mothers are in a state of bliss being pregnant and so happy to have children, others are stressed, some mothers do not want to be pregnant, or mothers perhaps have been used against their will. If you think about the experience of the little baby inside, the baby picks up everything. Emotions, stress, fear, bliss, happiness….everything. As we go through life and into adulthood, things from that time in the womb space and life itself could still be affecting us adults with out us even knowing it. This is also refereed to an aspect called the mother wound as it goes right back to the womb. There is also the father wound.

If a child does not receive the unconditional love, nurturing, emotional and physical safety from both mother and father that any child on this planet so rightly needs and deserves, and as these children get older there are a number of ways young children, teens and adults flow through life trying to fill the void of being loved, nurtured, seen, and heard. If a child did not receive the emotional love they needed, that child may tend to try and find that love somewhere else or turn inwards and self sabotage. There are many ways of self sabotage. Addictions, eating disorders and disorders to name a few.

Our inner child is anywhere from being in the womb to the time and space you are today. The idea behind inner child work is that you become your own mother and father to your own child inside of you at all of those ages that you need. If you are experiencing, anxiety, disconnection from self, dissociative behaviours, anger, lots of sadness, depression, self sabotaging behaviours, eating disorders etc., you have most likely suffered from the mother or father wound and or a traumatic event (s) that are still affecting you today.

Going a little deeper, remember too that you have a male and female energy inside of you. A little girl and a little boy. As adults we also have both female and male energies inside of ourselves as well. So as you are working through any inner child meditation ask for both energies to come through.

As you begin your inner child journey, always remember to be gentle with yourself. If you are feeling anxious or sad or angry and you do not know why, place a hand on your heart and ask your little ones inside what is going on. Initiate contact, tell them right away that you are here for them, that you love them, that they are enough exactly as they are, you are so beautiful, beautiful children of this cosmic universe. Tell them everything you needed to hear when you were a child, or a teenager or an adult. Ask them what they need from you and listen, they will tell you. You become parents to yourself. This does not take away the role of your actual parents in your life. It frees you to do the healing you need to do without relying on your parents as some of us that do not have parents on this earth plane existence anymore. Even if you parents are still here, it frees you and it also frees them. This also begins to release any co-dependant energies and thus in time, you become completely empowered and in complete ownership of all of your experiences and a fully whole human being, living in peace, very grounded and a heart full of LOVE.

This becomes a daily practice and can take as little as 5 minutes. I highly encourage you to make contact with your inner children and make sure to have them with you at all times. They do not want to feel abandoned again.

This modality of work has been the most fundamentally important tool in my earthly existence, and I am so happy to share my experience with it with you.

Inner child work is work you do either by yourself or with a therapist to resolve the childhood emotions and experiences your ‘inner child’ still holds, as well as harness the joy, innocence, and confidence that were your birthright.

How to connect with your inner child:

  1. Formulate a dialogue.
  2. Write a letter to him or her.
  3. Say nurturing things (I love you; I hear you, thank you, I am sorry).
  4. Look at photos of yourself as achild.
  5. Think and write about what you loved doing when you were young.
  6. Engage in meditation and creative visualization.

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