Joss Hannaford



Intention being the most important Ingredient”

BS.Sc. Bs.Ed. 

RTT® Licensed Certified Hypnotherapist
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Reiki Master/Teacher
Yoga Instructor
M-B-A ( Mind Body Awakening )


My journey home began for me 13 years ago. My awakening if you will.

I was in a very low place, on the outside I faked it very well and had a very lovely mask for people to look at. Inside, I was an emotional mess. I did not like myself, let alone love myself.

I understand now, that my soul chose my path in this life for an incredible amount of learning for my soul evolvement. My mind didn’t know it at the time though. It was intense and challenging. My experience with sexual abuse at young age really shaped me as well as not receiving the ‘nurturing love’ any child needs in their formative years. I experienced years of bulimia, a disorder that I controlled because it was probably the only thing I was able to control inside of me.

I knew there wasn’t something ‘right’ inside of me, my lack of worthiness and value were at a real low even though in ‘life’ I was excelling; I was a very talented athlete and classical violinist and everyone had big dreams for me, including myself. Except there was a huge piece I was missing. MYSELF. I wasn’t living ‘ME’. I was living everyone else’s version of ME.

I hit a very big low even after numerous counselling sessions and healings. I truly didn’t want to be here anymore. My Empathic nature compounded all of my feelings and emotions. I was very lost and disconnected within myself.

In my case, I blocked most all of my memories. I dissociated a lot of childhood, and I did not begin to remember any of my trauma until I was 32 years old. My awakening to these memories began when I made my first trip to Peru and I sat with the Plant Medicines. Ayahuasca and later on Wachuma ( San Pedro ) .

The teachings and tools I received from these medicines were probably the most humbling teachings I have ever received in my life. They truly helped uncover my memories and my even deeper memories to understand my true nature of my being and my soul. I am so grateful and to this day, the teachings of these plants are still coming through even though I sat with them years prior.

My deep healing began, I was beginning to remember the trauma, and honestly, I was SO relieved. Now I KNEW why I felt a certain way my entire life. Now I could begin to unravel and heal and I had TOOLS and SUPPORT around me to do so. None of which I had in my formative years.

Along my journey, I sat in a Vipassanna for 10 days, silently and quietly. No talking for 10 days and sitting intermittently for 11 hours a day. I was blown away how my mind had such a huge capacity for clarity, quietness and visions.

Inner Child Healings was my next learning and healing. I attended a workshop in Peru on Inner Child work and that still to this day heals and supports me deeply and daily.

Before any of these modalities, I had REIKI. I took my first course in 2005 and it expanded from then on. Receiving my Masters and Teachers in 2011.

I believe this is the energy work that really started my awakening and my healing. I had it the entire time and still have it now and why I offer these energy healings myself. It has been a true blessing for me.

Mind Body Awakening is the next course that was life changing for me. I received this course from a deep close friend of mine.

This course truly helped me connect my body to my energy spirit. And I could FEEL it. It was such a relief to really begin connecting back to my body after being so disconnected from myself most of my life.

In the chilly mountains of Peru I took my Yoga Teacher Training. Another beautiful training that allowed me to connect with my body.

What came along next was my experience with the Q’eros and Q’echua people in Peru. This was a transformative time for me to really connect to earth and to the profound intentions that these people embody so naturally. I felt like I was coming home on a deeper level.

Through the last years of working with clients, I noticed I wanted to get deeper. Deeper into the mind. Always wondering if there was a quicker way to get to a root of an issue and remove it. 3 years went by as I was actively asking the Universe for my next teaching and one day it all aligned. I was guided to Marisa Peer’s RTT® Hypnotherapy Program. This phenomenal program has been the ticket to my subconscious mind. What a powerful tool. In first few months of this course I had sessions done on me and I was floored by how quickly I started to shift. Deep deep rooted things that I had buried in my psyche came to the surface for healing. Past lives included. This method allows the client to understand why they created a belief in the first place and then the transformational therapy part of this method allows for the client to completely transform their beliefs into a new belief and or a different way of thinking. Complete ownership of self. When we completely own our beliefs, we own ourselves and thus we are wholly empowered. This has been the biggest game changer for me. 

After this phenomenal course and through all of my life experiences, I have very clear intentions of what channels through me. As this has become very clear, I knew that I really needed to share the wisdom and teachings that were taught to me and share my experiences as we are all meant to live our best empowered lives. It is always a pleasure for me to facilitate people in this process of self empowerment and wholeness. 

Thank you for joining me!




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