Full Moon

Blue Moon Yoga Studio


10140 100th ave
Fort Saint John, British Columbia V1J 1Y6


Ritual ~ Full Moon ~ Guided Meditation

Please join Joss for Full Moon Ritual ✨

The importance of Ritual and Intention.

One of the ways to live with intention is to be conscious of and work in tandem with the Moon’s cycles.

Ritual when practiced consistently and introspectively, can have an tremendous beneficial impact on your life.

Rituals help you to “banish” bad habits.
• Rituals help you to heal.
• Rituals help you to create closure.
• Rituals help you to “invoke” the healing powers of transformation.
• Rituals help you to remain focused and goal orientated.
• Rituals help you to develop self-discipline.

Full Moon Ritual class will involve:

Moon talk
Inner child Guided meditation
Intention writing & bringing in the new! ( Full moon )
Guidance card readings

So looking forward to sharing space with you!