“ I used to think it was possibly coincidence on how much my life changed after getting my first reiki session with Joss Hannaford back in 2012. But now I know it was the cherry on top to all the hard work I was doing on myself physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It released some intense blocked energy that I had been holding onto for quite some time (specifically in my pelvis).

After a short time with the fertility clinic in MB we decided this wasn’t the route for us. (each to their own on this decision, some need it & some don’t-your body your choice ♥️) We personally knew that going a more natural route fitted our beliefs.

I started getting regular Body talk and Reflexology sessions and gained some forever mentors & friendships from this experience. I also started seeing a Naturopath. These therapies all worked so well together for me. I began to realize my issues were much deeper than the physical symptoms I was experiencing. In fact, the physical symptoms were manifested from the deeper issues & blockages that had layered up over time inside of me.

After moving to BC, there was continued healing, but more challenges that come with up & leaving everything & everyone you know
Now I know that all things happen in divine timing, planning every moment of your life is harmful and surrendering to the higher powers that be is healing & freeing ✨

Fast forward to my first reiki session after crossing paths with my Friday evening restorative yoga instructor @1lovehealing13 ♥️ we were chatting after class and she told me she practiced Reiki. I was all for it!

I hadn’t had a cycle in 4 years. Yes, nothing in 4 years. After my reiki session, I felt so light & more clear on all levels. It was like a switch went off. I just totally surrendered. I told myself I would be okay if it was just Josh & I forever. 3 weeks after my session I had my first cycle in 4 years. The month following we were pregnant with Kash.”


Trista Armstrong


“My first experience with Joss was beyond words can describe. She was warm and comforting, and extremely in tuned with my energy during our session. I felt her focus her energy on me and it was extraordinary. I suffer from PTSD and anxiety, and after our session I felt lighter and calm. Later when I woke up from a nap that same day I felt no anxiety, I felt great mental relief and strong to my inner core. I carried a new perspective on the presence and felt safe in my own skin. My mind was clear and I can’t thank Joss enough for her incredible healing touch!”


Shay Hachey



“Joss is a true healer and is a bridge builder between our wounds and our healing potential, the treatments she offers are powerful & potent in harnessing our ability to calm and ground our nervous system and make peace with traumas stored in our bodies so that we may move forward in a more integrated & peaceful way. She is wise & wonderful and facilitates connection with oneself and ones journey. Thank you for the work that you do!”

Cait Wilson


“Joss is an incredible healer with many gifts. She has helped me navigate many difficult situations and
allowed me to find my own power. She brings a level of warmth and professionalism to all her clients. I
would recommend Joss to everyone.”


Thea Rouble


“I first met Joss back in 2017 when she came to Chetwynd to do sessions. I immediately felt connected to her. She is an authentic and compassionate soul. She deeply connects to the powers that be to fully help facilitate my healing journey. I always feel safe and secure with Joss. She is and always has been very respectful and genuine. I have brought several people to come and experience a facilitation of energy clearing with Joss, my husband included. He went through a serious bout of depression and I truly believe that Joss was the healer that helped him come through it. Without her, his transition through depression would have been a very rough ride.

I come away from my sessions feeling rejuvenated as well as connected to self on a deeper level. I have had some difficult energy to shift. Joss has the skill set to gently guide me through the process as well as keep me intact with self care modalities afterwards. I highly recommend Joss Hannaford to anyone who is looking for energetic self care. She is our go to!”


Julie Harroff